Monday, November 21, 2011

Stitching a snowflake

Snowflakes and quilting.
A little bit of a tutorial. I have a winter themed quilt that I have been pondering what should I quilt on it. And after months of it being on hold yesterday I decided to quilt snowflakes on it.
But how was I going to do this ...hmmmm.

As a child we all learned how to make paper snowflakes and I thought why not.
Sew I measured my space that I wanted to cover and cut a square of paper just a bit smaller these are about 12"
Note ...... I used a light paper with a wax backing you could use frezzer paper as well.
in half  or quarters
in half

fold in half
and fold again

First  side,triangle fold

next fold the out side edge in, turn over and do the other side to reduce the bulk at the center point, to create a triangle
folded in on both sides

Next I stapled the triangle in a couple spots to prevent shifting when cutting.

Draw and cut or just cut and see what happens
free form cutting
remeber to add somethng to the center of your snowflake

open and see what you have created
 thick soft edges for easy quilting...
sharpe edges are great just stitch slower 

Center the snowflake wax side down using the creases to help you  center it on you seams with in the block. Press in place.
ready to stitch

at the machine
Quilted Snowflake
Pin in a few places on each section of the snowflake.Take to your machine and you are ready to machine quilt your snow flake. Take your time stitching. I like to stitch the center of the snowflake first and then work on the outside. It's okay if you get the paper as you stitch as you will be removing it after stitching.
 Your lines do not have to be purfect , as a snowflake melts it changes . Remember to have fun making your snowflakes.
Happy stitching

Enjoy the Snow
In Stitches


  1. That's a beautiful idea. thank you for sharing

  2. O that is SWEET! ; )

  3. What a cute idea Annette , Great tutorial on making the snowflakes too. I use freezer paper for this kind of thing and it works great , what type of paper is this? It looks thinner .
    We are in for a snow storm tomorrow , I do love the snow .

  4. Such a great tutorial! Thanks for that : ) Photos make the best instructions.
    thanks for linking, and I hope it brings some extra traffic your way. : )