Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New fav tool / W I P Wednesday

This is a new little tool that I found in my stocking this Christmas. My hubby had a little to do with it
 I call it  a Hubby toe and foot saver the red neck version
It's a telescoping magnetic wand ...... with a light ..... he was not able to find the batteries sew he bought a small flash light and got out the duct tape....... gotta love that duct tape and all it's uses.  Hubby sure hopes that it replaces his feet as my main pin catchers/finders.
Sew now it is hanging from the  ceilling down stairs on the frame work sew that it is handy ( my sons idea). I just know that magnets and computerized sewing machines do not mix. Sew if you happen to have a red neck hubby toe and foot saver keep it away from your machine.

We were away last weekend sew not much in the sewing/quilting front has been done. I have started on my challenge quilt and picked up a little more fabric to work with it. I have been using my EQ7 to design my quilt and have been working through some of the lessons with Sheila.
 I will post just a peek of what I have done sew far.

I just heard today that the class that I offered to teach will be a go for the next two weeks. I should be alot of fun seeing what the ladies create. With thier permission I will post some the the pictures as the work on thier projects.

Be sure to check out the link on the side bar for The Needle and Thread Network.

I hope to get a couple quilt lables stitched out this week and put on baby quilts that I made last year for gifts.

Well thats all for now ,
stay in stitches


  1. Very interesting tool Annette, hope it saves your hubby's toes ;-)I like the sneak peak , very interesting indeed.
    hugs Sheila

  2. Ha ha, love your post Annette. I'm determined to learn EQ this year so I'll be curious to see what you think.