Saturday, January 28, 2012

Off to Humboldt

This afternoon a friend and i went off to Humboldt to check out Haus of Stitches One of our favorite quilt shops.
There we found a few pieces of fabric to help finish off a project or two. I did find these for myself. The bottom three are to finish off my challenge quilt and one to make a Christmas item for next year.

At the Haus of Stitches we found that the conference schedule are ready. Wendy had given each of us a few. one to study and a few to share.

Sew now I will mark my calendar and start to pick a class or three. I will have to call another friend as we had talked about doing some together this year. I am looking forward to it already.
We where also told that the challenge projects are starting to come in. Way to go you early birds!
 Oh to be that organized.

Sew that was the fun part of my day today. Tonight I hope to finish the one border that I am working on and maybe get a start on the last border....... I just might make that dead line that I set for myself.
Take care
in stitches

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