Saturday, January 21, 2012

warming up

-15 when I looked at the temp this morning.... much nicer that -30+ which it was all week. It will seam like spring out there...... such a crazy winter this year with blizzards then melting and rain and then the deep freeze sew I think it looks like it might be back to normal seasonal temps for a while.

The first part of the D9P class went well. I had 9 ladies taking it for my first class and sew far we have 3 signed up for the second class which will run on the 1st and 8th of February. The ladies did sew well that most if  not all of them will be able to start quilting at class if they chose to do sew.

adding borders

Here are a few samples of their color and layout choices. Some used only 3 or 4 fabrics others a charm pack or they made up their own combination a 9 fabrics. Each choice is sew different from the next all with great results. Great work ladies, I'm very proud of what each of you have done sew far.( I did not get a pic of each one just yet , hopefully next week)

As for myself I will work on my samples a little more and get a sample for an intro to free motion quilting for the class. I hope to work on my challenge quilt again this week end as well as getting a little housework done.... where do those dust bunnies come from?????

This afternoon I will be helping a friend baste a quilt. with a  couple other ladies. She said it is a large one and would love the help. She had a good friend piece the quilt for her and can hardly wait to start to do the hand quilting which she loves. She had decided last year that she could no longer do the piecing but still wanted to quilt. Sound like she found a solution.

In stitches until next time


  1. Some lovely combinations of fabric for the D9P , be nice to see them finished. Glad it has warmed up a tad for you , can't even imagine -30 ,seems cold here at -15 . Have fun basting , I am happy for your friend who has found a solution to her problem , it is amazing what we can do when we work together :-) hugs Sheila

  2. Congrats on your class doing so well...I can't imagine standing up there teaching....I'd just pass

  3. Lots of lovely D9 patch blocks. I love the fawn and browns.