Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy Dance ....... piecing done!

Jewels of the Night

I have the challenge quilt all pieced borders finished and now just the quilting to do. It sure takes time to decide what you want in different places on the quilt when you are designing. After changing my mind a couple times I went back to my  original thought and I am happy with it. It id different from any thing I had done before but I feel it works here.
Here is a peek at the border. I will revel the whole quilt in April after the deadline for enters and the quilting will be done then as well.

Sew now that I have met that challenge to myself to have the top pieced by the end of the month. I can do a couple other jobs that I have on the back burner . This is a quilt that I am fmq for a friend. The pattern is Yellow Brick Road. She wanted a meander stitch across the top, I should have it done some time today.

Then I will start to plan what I want to quilt on the Challenge quilt.
In stitches

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