Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 FMQ Challenge

Has started  The 1st post was up yesterday. (Link on my side bar)
Video instruction on how to stitch out  a nice leaf pattern.
 step one practice drawing what you are going
to stitch

I feel this challenge is a good way to get more skills developed in my free motion quilting.
2 step practice stitching it out
I would like to feel more comfortable using a variety of designs in my quilting , right now I  seam to only use a few that I feel very comfy with.Sort of stuck in a rut. Sew as they say it's time to step outside of my box and explore what is out there ..... at least stitch wise. And learning with all of you out there and with a variety of teaches will be great. And not to forget there will be give aways , I think each month.         
                  What's not to like.
             I have put the sampler together  with only the border to add.
a scrappy sampler to practice on
might have to make a nicer one later

It's never to late to join up .Pop over to sewcalgal to join in the fun .

In stitches


  1. Your FMQ looks wonderful! I think I am going to join this group as it looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Looking good!!!! I am still getting over the flu...but can't wait to start practicing...keep up the good work there.....

  3. Looks very nice, Annette. Off to start mine.
    Good luck on the giveaway.

  4. Annette, your quilting looks great! I may have to piece together a sampler piece just so I have all the designs in one place.

  5. Great FMQ Annette, you definitely have the skill!

  6. Great FMQ!!!! I have been practicing the sketching part, but yet to move it to the machine.

  7. Great sampler quilt, and nice leaves!

  8. Annette, your leaves are very nice.
    Well done !

  9. Annette, your leaves are so nice ! Well done !