Friday, January 6, 2012

A busy start to the new year

It's been a busy week , working and trying to get started on my challenge quilt for the stitches conference., as well as starting the FMQ challenge.
Well I did get started on the quilt and changed my mind once on it already.
 I have the FMQ posted, I know I posted early, and know I will practice it through the month and then add it to my sampler quilt. I think I will post a little later next month after I practice and make a pretty sample , which is what the intent was on the host blog. I am glad sew many have already posted and popped over to check my quilt out. It will be fun seeing what everyone is doing and how much they improve.
I have also been working on my EQ7 working through the lessons with Sheila and designing my quilt for the challenge. Sheila and I thought it would be good to work through the lessons at the same time just to keep on track and get it done. And it is always great when you bounce ideas off a friend. A home work buddy sew to speak.
The weather here has been very spring like water running down the street and winds that make you think you should be out flying a kite. We also had some lines cut in the area sew we with out phone/Internet etc. for a day .... it was after 10 pm when the lines where fixed. That makes it twice in only a matter of about 6 weeks.
Take care
In stitches

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