Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Labels and loose Threads

Well it's Wednesday once again and time for w.i.p's.
This weeks works in progress are a few quilt labels for some baby quilts. I like to use my Brother machine for  these. They get a little large but everyone seams to like them.I have a couple more to make to get caught up and then get the quilts off to the wee ones.

My other project is trimming any stray threads off the back of "Jewels of the Night " quilt ..... my challenge project. I do not want any stray black threads showing through in the light areas of the quilt. After I clean up the back a little I will get it ready to machine quilt.
Sorry to keep going on about this one with out any full pictures. I am very happy with how it is turning out and hope you all will like it when it is unveiled in April .

Well that weather outside is way too much like spring. We drove down to the beach (Manitou Beach) a 5 minute drive. and believe it or not there is a skunk out there, his perfume gave him away.

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  1. I'm intrigued that you can make labels with your machine...I really need to get a new sewing from this century...LOL

  2. I have occasionally used the letters on my machine for labels, but mostly I try to draw something or hand embroider -- the machine would be faster, thats for sure and maybe some of the unlabeled quilts might get a label! I so often forget!

  3. Oh, I hate snipping tails so good for your for being so diligent with them! Great labels, Annette!

  4. Wonderful labels Annette , I should do that more often too. Good for you getting the challenge ready to quilt , I am sure it is going to look terrific.
    Hugs Sheila