Sunday, February 19, 2012

quite weekend for quilting

Well it's been a quite weekend for any quilting , but I have done a bit of sewing for a few others going on holidays with me . And weekend company... love to have the company : ) I guess I will have to check my stuff to see if I need any fixes to need to make any thing before I go. Nothing like last minute sewing. But really I think if I make any thing it will be a wrap for my swim suit cover up.
I hope to get a couple other thinks done before we go and get a good start on a project for grandma coco
( testing a pattern out for her).
I did manage to get 2 Christmas aprons cut out and pressed maybe I'll get those done and have a start on some Christmas sewing and link up with a few other gals I know who are part of that challenge.
Sew for now, it is back to watch some of the curling on TV ....  the ladies are curling this week.
take care
in stitches

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