Monday, February 6, 2012

Dragonfly Summer

Progress on the weekend.
I did get a couple rounds of fmq done on Jewels of the Night.
And then when I took a break I worked up the samples from the D9P quilt class. I played with the setting and borders. I think I will add one more border to the little quilt, if I have the right color.  Green or plum?
Dragonfly summer ...58 inches sew far

 I did play with a couple pieces for the one border that I did put on. I only had sew much of each and my first thought was to do two borders that were 3 inches  wide and then I thought that this would work using 6 inch wide borders. I also had one block left sew I made this little runner, just the binding left on it.
.The fabric I used was a charm pack called dragonfly summer by moda.  The borders are another dragonfly fabric, The charms where a gift sew I guess this one is for me. Might just be my camper quilt, or one for the couch to curl up with.                                         
I have a question for you all out there. Have any of you used minky ( or minky like ..... super soft and silky knit type fabric) to back your quilts with.?? What problems did you encounter if any??
I have never tried it. I think it would be great on a baby quilt or even one for a cancer survivor.

Have a great evening.
In stitches


  1. Dragonfly summer is beautiful ,love the colors and really like how you did the border that looks terrific . I have never used minky but know of friends who have and don't remember them saying any thing about problems with it. I will ask them and let you know. Hugs Sheila

  2. Love the quilt....I've never used Minky. But I have heard only good about it so far.