Saturday, February 4, 2012

Spring in February

Another day of melting..... way to early for spring at least here. I do not mind the warmer temps but I do hope that when spring is supposed to come that we have those temps then too.

Another weekend that I hope to work on my challenge quilt and maybe start on a wall hanging.
 One for my sewing area with my blog title in. Sheila and I are each working on one.
 We'll see what happens, as we are also getting some company this afternoon. Hubby's niece is coming to check out some trucks at the dealerships out here. she totaled hers off a little while back, with the icy roads in the city.
I best get going and have some lunch and get ready for a nice visit.

in stitches

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  1. Nice for you to have the warmer temperatures as long as it doesn't dip back down to -30 or worse . It is chilly here today and very damp.Enjoy your company.
    hugs Sheila