Wednesday, February 22, 2012

W.I.P. Wednesday

Well my project for this Wednesday  is a little different ..... No sewing involved with the main part of my day just a little of this

suit cases half packed ....... note the suitcase  scale on the side
after packing both are well under weight ......             ;  )
About time I got this done .......

sew now that I am packed we will be heading off on a holiday .
We are off to a warm wedding.
Sew that will mean that my blog will be on the quite side until I return.
Sunshine here we come

But until we leave I will try and get a little stitching in on my main project.

in stitches

p.s.    I am linking up with The needle and Thread Network.   Check out the link on my side bar to see what the other gals across Canada have been up to.


  1. changed a setting and trying it out ;)

  2. have a wonderful timeAnnette.xx

  3. Enjoy your trip , hope we get to see some pictures . hugs Sheila

  4. Enjoy the trip and the wedding:)

  5. Going south?? OOOOhhhh....I'm jealous. Have a good time!