Tuesday, February 21, 2012

on to the next round

I have gotten back to Jewels of the Night ( my challenge project) and I was able to get the next round finished ...only three more borders to go.

I had also gotten a start on a little Christmas sewing and made thses two aprons and then used the pieces cut away to make a pot holder to go with each apron. I have been hopeing to link up with  a site that Fiona had told me about .... maybe next month I'll be home to do that. The site has a link for making Christmas items throughout the year and postoing them by the 25 of each month .I  will have to see if I can find it later today and get a link going.

My blog will be a little quite later this week as we will be off for a wedding ...... in Cancun Mexico
ahhhhh sunshine and warmth..... mind you with hot flashes who needs Mexico.lol
It has not been a bad winter this year much warmer than usual and hardly any snow where we are. Sew from flooding in the basement 2 years ago to looking for the mosture this year...... things are a changing that's for sure.
Off to stitch a little before work ,
I am getting excited to have this one done and to be on holidays.
In stitches and hugs


  1. Hi Annette, I was just getting caught up on some blog reading, since it's been a few busy days, I read back and saw your free motion feathers, they are wonderful! I love what you did with them. I must try to be so adventurous.
    Have fun at the wedding,

  2. Looking wonderful Annette and the apron is just sweet , funny as I made a Christmas apron last week for that same link you speak of , it is Pins and Whiskers on my bloglist , Narelle is her name .hugs Sheila