Monday, March 5, 2012

Getting back to our sask winter ..........

the view from our room
in Cancun

Getting back to things....... a little slow still want my quilt to curl up with.
A little about our holiday. Hubby's niece Kaley married on the 1st of March to her Romeo. They had a tearruis ceremony with the Ocean in the background. A lovely ceremony with about 40 wittiness's to their union. Re4ception was at the Royal Sands as well and supper was next door at Sisal. We had the banquet room that was done up like a Mexican village with the stars twinkling above. ( poor lighting for my camera)    This was the main reason for the trip.

The bride and her groom
Earlier in the week we all where on a catamaran, It was a day long trip in the bay between the strip with the hotels and the main land. We had the opportunity to snorkel , swim and take in some local food. They took a lot of pictures on the trip, that is the photographer.... but we left them behind he wanted $200. US for them and we all agreed that this was too much. Between all the other cameras on broad we could have enough it will just take a little time to get them. Sew now we wait for the flash stick to come in the mail.

We visited with Romeo's family , went out to a few different night spots and tried different Mexican foods. And of course we did a little shopping. Hubby and I did a little grocery shopping for our Villa and some to bring back for our daughter that could not make it.
It was great to relax around the pool and to play in the waves of the ocean ..... such nice shades of blue in the ocean.

I lost my voice on Tuesday and yesterday it turned into a lovely cold .... what a way to spend the last of my holidays.
Sew in a nut shell that was our week. Now it will be getting back into the swing of things. and my quilting of course, and a little knitting for Grandma Coco.
Sew now that we are home we have heard that we might get a bit of a storm ...... but we all  know that spring is on it was sew any crazy weather will be short lived. It has been a very mild winter this year sew we should be able to handle what comes our way.
Now where's that quilt.
in stitches

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  1. A lovely couple , how nice to have so many family members present for the ceremony . That view looks very enticing , a dip in that warm water sure would be nice . Hope your voice is coming back. Hugs Sheila