Tuesday, March 27, 2012

signs of spring

I have seen a few signs of spring ... the other day I saw a robin on the clothes line, I have seen the geese flying back from the sunny south, the snow is all but gone ( we had a few inches on the weekend )and I have seen a couple bunnies....

Thanks Sheila, for the cute Easter post card.They arrived just before the snow this past Friday
Here are a couple small samples of my fmq for this months challenge on sewcalgals blog.I will give it another try when I get my machine back on Thursday it is off for a check up and cleaning.

Sew this is my first attempt at this months instructions I hope to play a little this weekend if I get my machine back in good working order.      Something I learned this week .... check your warranty
I found out my warranty on electronics was longer than what the dealer thought I was glad that when she checked it out she found out that I had the correct info as there is something going on in that area with my machine and I am half way through the warranty.
Last night I had the second part of the D9P class that I taught here in Watrous. the Ladies are doing a great job on their projects. I may have a visit from a couple gals that are getting started with quilting sew that they can finish up their quilts and get ready to start the next one.
Putting the block together
Here is a little projec that I am still working on
I have the two center layers to add to this topper
I hope to have it done for this Easter
I will be linking up with Sewcalgal and The FMQ challenge
 as well as with The Needle and Thread Network ( side bar link)
Stay in stitches


  1. love the easter topper,well done.xx

  2. Oh those little eggs on the centrepiece are to sweet! : )

  3. oh my goodness. Is Easter coming soon? Glad you are keeping busy!

  4. Love the easter postcard...very sweet and your Easter project looks interesting...can't wait to see it finished.

  5. Oh it looks like the wool took a beating , too bad , I learned a lesson there , no wool! Love the table topper that will be adorable and your quilting looks great as usual!

  6. Your fmq looks good, and your Easter table topper might inspire me to sew one.....

  7. I think the Easter eggs are very sweet. I love all things scrappy.

  8. I'm curious- why is the sewing group called the D9P?

  9. Sheila does the nicest postcards; doesn't she....love the table topper