Wednesday, March 14, 2012

W.I.P. Wednesday

Well this week is flying by.
And this is what I have on the go
DUETTA is almost done ...... just a little stitching and a button
stitching the yoke on
almost done : )

And I have started another project from Amanda Murphy's site
a table topper with Easter eggs I am a little behind but  I hope to catch up soon.
pieced and ready to fuse and cut out the eggs

I have a question for all you ladies that might have entered any type of contest show etc. with your quilts.
Have any of you ever insured your items?
 If sew, Did you have an appraiser do an appraisal?
Or where you able to have a member of a guild or quilting organization ( with some type of credentials) do an appraisal that was accepted by the insurance co.? With out the appriseal it would only be insured for the cost to make it.
 We have found one co sew far that would insure it under a fine arts poliy. at a cost of $200. / yr or any part of a yr.
I am starting to wonder if I should bother with the insurance ..... I have found out that you can not just assume that it will be covered by your householder policy. For that to work you have to be in controll /custody and care of your quilt at all times. 

Any feed back would be great in helpping me make a call on this one.

As it is Wednesday be sure to check out what the other ladies have been up to check out the link on my side bar for THE NEEDLE AND THREAD NETWORK.
in stitches    and knots  too


  1. you have some lovely projects happening there... sorry - I can't help re the insurance but I hope you get some good ideas...

  2. I stumbled on the same insurance difficulties and have no idea how I'll proceed when the occasion arises.....

  3. Love the little sweater Annette . I wondered if you would need an appraisal done , that can cost you quite a lot if the person is certified .I will discuss this further with Bill this evening. hugs Sheila

  4. Oh, you're Duetta looks great!!! :) so happy! Thanks for doing this for me.

  5. The Duetta is great! Sorry, I can't help with the insurance thing, but I'm curious as to what you'll find out!