Sunday, March 25, 2012


It has been interesting reading the responses to the tagging going on out there.
Last week I was tagged by Sheila .... sew here are my answers to her query's....

1. Why did you start blogging?
     I had been enjoying Stash Manicure and reading a lot of the different blogs that had been featured and thought ....hey I could do that. Sew with my daughter guiding I started. I have enjoyed getting to know a few of you better through the blogs and learning from you all in one form or another.  thanks!

2. How long have your been quilting?
 30+ yrs

3. what project are you most proud of?
  At the moment it would be my quilt called Jewels of the Night the one I have designed and made for the Saskatchewan Stitches Conference 10 th Anniversary Challenge.

4. What other country have you visited and when?
    I have been to England and Germany in 1998 to visit family and my pen pal from high school( it was great to met her ) I have been to Mexico a couple times 2005 and just this month.I have been to Belize in 2010 to visit my niece and her hubby.And of course I have in to the USA to see some of the sights.

5.What is your favorite color and why?
  I think if is between a blue and green, why I think because they are bright and fresh colors.

6. Are you an animal lover and if so what is your favorite animal?
  I do not think I can say just one here either ... any critter that likes to cuddle   ( we have had cats and dogs )

7. Other than sewing / quilting what other craft do you love?
  I do like to knit and crochet I dabble in water color painting as well.

8. What is my favorite all time book?
    I have been enjoying the Elm Creek Quilt series by Jennifer Chiaverini.

9. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you most like to visit?
  I would like to see more of my own country Canada. It is a large country with a lot to see. I would love to go out east in the fall to see the maple trees turn color.

10. What is your favorite comfort food?
        Chocolate of course

11.Who influenced you most in your life?
      Good question ...... family  would have to be my answer   my Mom when I was little , my
       siblings in those middle yrs ....and friends that have become family. I also remember a few   different teachers I had that had been very encouraging over those years. With out them all you        would   not be the person you are today.   

Thank you Sheila for giving me somethings to ponder.
Hope you all had a great week end. I hope to get afew things done tonight. Maybe I cold get a Xmas itme made yet today......if not I will have to try again for next month.
that all for now take care
in stitches


  1. very interesting Annette.xx

  2. Thanks for playing along Annette , it is fun to learn a little more about you . Hugs Sheila