Wednesday, March 7, 2012

W.I.P. Wedensdays

the start of my over sized label
Well it's that time of week again. and I do have good news ..... at least for me I am on the binding of Jewels of the Night , my challenge project. Next will be the label and then getting entered into the challenge before April 15.
binding ready to turn and stitch

 I also have been testing out a pattern called "DUETTA" a Grandma Coco Design. I have never done testing before and just thought why not sew now I have it almost half way knitted. It has a quilted collar made in a few different ways i will be trying out the paper pieced directions.

Sew that's about all I have been up to .... that and curling up with my quilts and a cup of tea.

Be sure to check out The Needle and Thread Network .... link on my side bar. To see what the other gals have been up to.
 in stitches


  1. The pattern Ducetta is very sweet. I saw it on her blog.

  2. That will make a very interesting label and you are on the home stretch now , just a little stitching then you can sit back and admire :-) The little sweater will be sweet in those colors .Hugs Sheila

  3. your label is very the colors. Blue yarn is adorable...congrats to your knitting...I did it when my boys were little; but it makes me sooooo tense. The long I knit...the tighter the stitches get!! lol

    Good luck with the entry.

  4. wow, that's a really pretty medallion thing for your label. Glad that you're keeping warm and toasty with your fiber fun, and that you are home safely from your holiday!

  5. Wow - that's an amazing looking label!

  6. Always love to see when a label does complete justice to the quilt it is put upon! So many quilts without labels that the maker is forgotten. No one will for get who made this quilt!

  7. I'm so behind! Very pretty label! And you've made so much progress on your Duetta! Looks great! I love the colour.