Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just a little stitching in Cancun

Yes I had a little stitching project while we where in Cancun.

I had to pick up a little sewing kit as I did not pack any thread etc. and the bride needed a quick fix on her dress. Sew off to the market we went to find this little treasure,

 sew that I could do the repair. This made the bride relax as she was stressing a little about it.
I was able to do the fix with the bride in her dress only poking myself. The Auntie that always has everything had decided at the last minute not to pack a needle and thread.....lol...... next time I  will know better.

Well now as I look outside I see a fresh blanket of snow ....... just a couple inches I think. They have rain and snow for the province sew it will be a mixed bag of weather for a couple days and then warm on the weekend again.( snowing again as I update this post)
 Sew I'm hoping everyone drives safely out their on the icy roads. And remember that Spring is on it's way it just took a detour.
Off to curl up with my quilt again
in stitches


  1. Isn't that always the way , we don't have a needle and thread when we need it but glad you were able to help the bride out with this little sewing kit and now you have a little souvenir . Hope you are feeling better. Hugs Sheila

  2. You have to tell me; where you are staying in Cancun and how you like it..I want to go next year.

    1. we stayed at the Royal Caribbean, the grooms mom has time shares and booked some through her friends.
      we also booked a extra night on line at the same place.It was a nice villa with three sister hotels that you can pop over to