Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Featured Quiter

Today I am the featured quilter on the McCalls' Quilting blog  here is a link to find it easier
McCall's Quilting Quilt Design Star

Last night I submitted my quilt for the next round of voting. Which starts on the 19 of June Once a day until the 8 of July.
Be sure to go over and check out what has been created I am sure it will be a goo d show.
in stitches


  1. Just checked out the link and the article was wonderful , I am super proud of what you have accomplished and I know you will do well in this next step as well . hugs Sheila

  2. Congratulations Annette! I just received the Hause of Stitchs e-mail and I believe that you were one of the big winners. Beautiful quilt!