Wednesday, June 20, 2012

W.I.P. Wednesdays

Sew  now that the voting is in full swing on the McCall's Quilting site, I have some time to catch up on projects started.
I have most of the quilting done on my Square in a Square quilt from the conference
I love doing the candy ribbon in the small border      

I put a bust line on the doll from the conference as well now I can work on the clothes and then her hair sew she will not look like and alien.
ready to design some clothes and a hair do

I have Guide Me Safely Home all ready to machine quilt as well. That's the nice part about this competition the first two rounds it is a quilt top only that has to be completed and the last round it is a finished quilt.Quilt Design Star 2012 home page. Check out the site and read up about the participants on the Editors blog.
If you would like to vote for me I have a voting link on my side bar.

I also will be linking up with The Needle and Thread Network,
 check in there to see what everyone else has been up to this week . Here is a link to help you find your way      The Needle and Thread Network
 I also want to say thank you to Flo for the little package I received yesterday in the mail..... a prize for the correct answers to her name that tune post cards.
thanks Flo

I'm  sure we all will be stopping in to check out the new to us shop
and all those threads you have in store
and another goes to Creative House .... they sent out some lovely threads with Monika when she taught a thread painting class here.  they also gave us each a spool of thread and a coupon for their shop..... a little late but thank you just the same.
thinking of new projects to try out with these goodies

And lastly Thank you to McCall's and all their sponsors for the QDS.  The box of goodies will take some time to fully enjoy ( a lovely selection of fat quarters from different companies as well as some other great  quilting items) The McCall's site has a better shot of the goodies.

And of course I want to thank you all out there that are supporting me with your votes.
In stitches


  1. I really like your entry. I gave you my vote. Can't wait to see how you quilt it. Good luck.

  2. Your square in a square quilt is awesome and your doll is really coming along well , I am anxious to see the finished project:-) Lots of goodies to enjoy for sure but you deserve them after all your hard work . hugs Sheila

  3. I popped over to vote! I love to see how things progress with the doll, so will keep an eye on your blog!

  4. oye, more dolls. I daren't listen to the clamouring from the lonesome one in my closet. lol

  5. I voted:) I really like the Square in a Square quilt...lovely:) I can't wait to see what you do with your doll.