Tuesday, June 19, 2012

McCall's Quilting QDS has started and a Tuesday tidbit

First off  I just want to let you all know that the voting has officially started ...... link on my side bar. Stop on by and vote for your favorite quilt remember that there are two categories and you can vote once a day in each one. If you go to the McCall's Quilting home page you will find links to all the quilts in the competition.
Good luck to all the participants. There are some great quilts in this round.

And now for my Tuesday tidbit I kn ow it's been a while
sew with out further a due here goes
While working on Guide Me Safely Home in the camper I came up with a way to hang my design wall...aka plastic picnic table cloth with a flannel backing.
I used ..... what else but picnic table clips on my cupboards above the couch

This worked perfectly, and did not take up any extra space and did not damage the cupboards by slipping  the clips on. ( the clips are still there waiting for the next project )
I also will use the clips to hold a garbage bag at my work area just to try and be a little tidy.
 Now to  come up with a way to hang it in the house.... right now I use a bunch of pins into the frame of a bookcase.
That's all for today.
Remember to go and vote
in stitches

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  1. Very clever idea for the design wall , looks like it worked like a charm . Your quilt is gorgeous !! hugs Sheila