Monday, June 4, 2012

SSC Days 7 & 8 AND Viewers Choice

My last 2 days of conference were quit fun. We were do Sun Printing with Seta colors. I was with one of my classmate form last year, a very fun lady and we had a great time again this year.
On Saturday we did our sun printing and the weather was great, lots of sun shine ( we had a fair bit of rain all week with a chance of rain that day as well ) I was enjoying it sew much I had to go and get more fabric, sew I tried it out on a very nice and smooth muslin with a tight weave. It worked great, I will be doing this at home I am sure. I works best for items not getting washed all the time as it is surface design.
here are some pictures from both days

my star bursts.... now I have the fabric
I will be creating a fun summer wall hanging I think

star fish salt and plastic grass

orange peels

grasses  folding
we just played a lot

my lupin leaves framed and with some thread play

here two pieces of created fabric where used I missed the bottom
there is some purple in the one corner which looks great

the orange peel piece getting glammed  with other fabrics that shimmer

auditioning fabrics to from our pieces to complement the colors with in
Jackie Van Fossen and I
Thanks for a great class Jackie I had a blast

It was sew nice how we all learn little things about and from each other. I was sad to see the end of conference this year. But I know I will be busy for the whole year until the  conference comes again. If you are ever in the area you should check out the shop in Humboldt and get information. ( Haus of Stitches )

Jewels of the Night by me

I had mentioned earlier about the viewers choice in the 10 Anniversary Challenge Competition. The prize was a Elna 740 excellence machine. Sew yesterday at lunch they presented the winner with the machine. I am still kind of in shock. I now have a Elna 740 excellence machine in my home, waiting for me to play. Sorry I do not have a picture just yet the photographer will send me one shortly.
This was a quilt with many firsts, the first time I entered any type of competition, the first challenge piece , first time using the ruler I made the center out of , the first time using Electric Quilts 7, and sew on.
Made by Beverley Johnson( the fairy bra mother)
Beverley's quilt will be featured in A Needle Pulling Thread around Christmas, I may be featured later , nothing is definite just yet.
 I will now have to get back to my quilt for McCall's Quilt Design Star 2012, due for the 17 of June with Voting stating on the 19.
 I have found that I really enjoy the designing  and creating process and will do the best I can with this new challenge ( which  will be a little easier now that I am sewing in the house and not in the camper)


  1. Congratulations !!! What a great prize!
    Looks like you had a lot of fun too.
    Good luck on the next phase of the Challenge..looking forward to seeing your entry!

  2. Wow what a fabulous prize , congratulations again , this is just terrific !! This class really looks like something I would love to try , have been wanting to try it out for a while , so interesting and your pieces look just lovely!