Tuesday, June 26, 2012

FMQ Challenge and WIP'S

I have been stitching out this months FMQ challenge and playing with it a little. It has been kind of fun just doodling with thread, and filling your spaces with many different designs. I have found that I need to use a better contrast of fabric to thread for it to show up nicely in a picture. This is what I have come up with this month.

I think I can practice this one more on some smaller quilts and loosen up my spacing. I find that I was wanting to stitch very tight and small, sew more practice will be required on my part to get this where I think it should be.
Thanks to SewCalGal for hosting this FMQ Challenge and to Cindy Needham for teaching us this month and showing us a different way to look at our quilting. I am always open to new ideas for my quilting,/playing. By learning/playing with our FMQ skills we will always be improving upon what we can do for ourselves and our sense of accomplishment grows......just watch that pile of quilt tops become quilts......

Now for my WIP's I have my Square in a Square quilt ready for the hand work part of the binding.

The doll has a little bra ( I may redesign that ) and I have started on her clothes. I just have to figure out how much embellishments will be done to them. I have tweak the top/jacket pattern by changing up the hem line and the sleeves, as well as adding darts to help give it shape.I do not remember if she had her hair last week but I know she has a do now. I may bead up some jewelry.

She's looking a little better now ....... just some fine tuning and hemming to do...
printed on fabric to make a garden flag
I am also making a garden flag to let folks know that I am participating in the McCall's QDS Challenge. I want to let people know that this is going on and for them to see what everyone in the challenge has created and to vote for their favorite.
 If you use my link to pop over to the voting you can use the slide show or gallery to view all the quilts in the professional category and then go to McCall's Quilting to find your way to the amateur category.

I will be linking up with SewCalGal`s FMQ June Challenge

as well asThe Needle and thread Network      ( a little later today I'm a ready a bit to early to post )
have a great day
In stitches


  1. Beautiful quilting - love the contrasting thread against the blue. And your cute doll!

  2. Great job on the FMQ, sad to say I have yet to get to that this month . Your doll is coming along very well , does she have a name yet? I have been voting everyday for you ;-)hugs Sheila

  3. I think the FMQing is great! I never think about practicing until I'm doing a piece and realize I need it!
    Love the doll too!

  4. Great job Annette!! You put a good variety of stitching in this piece....I need more patience and a plan before tearing into it...lol looks fantastic

  5. I voted for you too:) Your FMQ is wonderful and your doll is fabulous. Great work.

  6. Love the contrasting thread in your quilting. It looks beautiful!

  7. Very nice FMQing! I am just heading down that road. Thanks for motivating me to continue to try! Love your doll and flag. I will take a look at the challenge too!

  8. Very nice FMQing! I am just heading down that road. Thanks for motivating me to continue to try! Love your doll and flag. I will take a look at the challenge too!

  9. Looks like you have been busy, and having fun with the free motion quilting!

  10. Your quilting looks fantastic, and the work in that doll is breathtaking!