Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dead lines....

I finally got to my FMQ challenge for July and thought I better get that posted as today is the dead line to do that. I found that I wanted to stitch a little wavy when stitching the straight lines. Sew I took a straight edge, mine happened to be a small cutting mat to use as a guide.
using a guide to sew a straight edge

my July sample

tyring a little writing
 It worked great I just kept my foot along the edge and my line was then nice and straight.I know with practice that I should be able to stitch with out a guide but until then I think I will use it.

 I love this method of FMQ it has a lot of possibilities and I will be using it again. Thanks Angela Walters for the July tutorial , I 'll be watching for your books to learn more.
I'll be linking up with SewCalGal's FMQ July Challenge. I do not think it is too late to join in on the lessons. Check it out if you would like to learn a little more about Free Motion Quilting.

My other deadline is also drawing near ... Sunday midnight is when I have to have my design posted with McCall's Quilting for the Quilt Design Star Challenge. I will be sewing every night this week to get my design to the point where I feel it is done. Different folks think it looks great as is but I  feel it needs a little more and I want to make sure that I have my 20% of the challenge fabric in plus a little extra cushion to be on the safe side.I also want to do a little hand stitching on it as well. I do hope you all will like what I have created.

another little peak

It has been a little more of a challenge this time. As I have not had the extra time to work on it. I usually work part time and this summer it has been full hours for me, we have had company for a week  as well. I would not change it . as it helps me to focus when I am down stairs quilting and working with the time element is just part of the challenge.And who would have thought that I would run out of thread....... well now I have a good stock of colors for this quilt after my thread run on the weekend.
Voting will start on the 7th of August. Be sure to check out what everyone has done with the Challenge Fabric I know I will.
In stitches


  1. Looks great Annette. I have to use a guide I guess...I cannot draw or sew a straight line if it killed me!!

  2. Your FMQ looks fantastic and the guide is a great idea ,I did not get to the challenge this month just ran out of hours. Like the sneak peak and good luck with getting it to where you want it . hugs Sheila

  3. Great job. You really have beautiful FMQ tiles that would look great on your quilt.


  4. Congrats on winning the draw for the FMQC this month!