Tuesday, July 24, 2012

WIP ...... for the rest of the month

The challenge begins......I've been working on McCall's Quilting Quilt Design Star Challenge 2   Go to  McCalls' Quilting to see who is still in and what the fabrics look like in both challenges.

McCall's Quilt Design Star Challenge 2
 professional challenge fabric
I was off to a slow start as I awaited the arrival of the challenge fabric. I started playing with paper cutouts from a picture of the fabric which helped me to come up with a few ideas of what I would and could do with it.
just a peak

Now I would like to think I am about half done and should be able to complete my design before the deadline of August 5.
I have a sneak peak for you.

I will be linking up with Monika at The Needle and Thread Network
kitty approval
I hope to post a few more pics as I get more done ..... wish me luck
in stitches 


  1. Can't wait to see how this turns out.

  2. Boy! You are brave! Not sure what I would do with it !mi await the finished product eagerly.

  3. I do like the challenge fabric.

  4. Good luck Annette. That fabric looks very busy.

  5. This looks so fun, Annette! Can't wait to see the whole thing. Good luck!

  6. Good luck with your piece, I am glad you have a good assistant (last picture). ;-)

  7. Anxious to see your finished project , sounds like you are doing well.