Friday, July 13, 2012

working it out

Right now I am just working on some design possibilities for the next challenge,as I await the arrival of the challenge fabric.
I have played with EQ7 a little and cut out the paper to get a feel for the design possibilities. I still like good old paper and a pencil to sketch out my ideas as well. Sew now that I have a few ideas going I will very soon decide which one I should go with and grab some fabrics and begin to play with that design to bring it to life.
Remember to check out  to find out the latest happenings with the Quilt Design Star 2012 as well as the patterns they have for you to use in the block library.

I have a couple little observers this time around , we are kitty sitting for our daughter. Sew I have Nina and Shadow checking out what I am up to as well as holding down any fabric I have laying about. I have even caught Nina in my fabric shelves, she must find it nice and cozy.

I have a new link on my side bar..... I will be participating in Sew We Quilt -  Bowls with Borders Blog Hop next month. It should be a fun little hop to see what everyone has done with the pattern.

It looks like another hot day is on it's way again today .....ahhhhhh...... summer ...we best enjoy it while it lasts as we know fall will be right around the corner.

Off to play with some paper again before I head to work.
have a great day
In stitches


  1. Have fun with that! Excited to see what the next stage involves!!

  2. Looking forward to your next design , what are the guidelines this time ?Hot as blazes here today as well , staying inside out of the sun. hugs Sheila