Monday, June 13, 2011

busy weekend in the city

Well I have  had a busy last couple of days. I went to the city to help my mom out a bit, she needed a little help to reorganize some of her things. The days went well and we got a lot done, I think she is happy with how her space looks now. I do plan to go and help her with some more down sizing of some of the other things that she has to go through, some will have to be with the whole family.  I am hopeful that it will all go just as smoothly.  Love ya mom : )
Hubby had a chance to go up north fishing sew I thought this would be a good time to help my mom,which also helps my sister out as well. I was a nice weekend for a drive and the weather was good until I got home,we had a nice little rain storm go through.
Today was a down time day for me a meeting and some laundry ,even hung it out to dry. and then just doing a few odds and ends and visited a couple friends as well.Sew it was a day well spent.
I might even do a little beading tonight and make the quilt labels in the morning sew that I can have Morgan's quilt ready and one for a quilt show here in town.
Sew I bid you all a good night well I go off to stitch for a little bit in the cool of the evening
in stitches

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