Thursday, June 9, 2011

Homework / Housework

Now that the Conference is over there is some home work to do to finish the projects started. I had my dear sweet hubby pick up some beads so that I could get started on my blueprinting project with the starfish.
Housework will always be here sew I will get at it in between stitches.

Letters to my beloved

Pony express Sampler
 I will load a few pics of Jodi Barrows, she gave a lecture last week and a trunk show as well. As I said before she is in her element here ..... she was looking forward to her sock knitting class...
and then here's a pic of the two of us
Jodi and I in front of pineapple picnic

Well that's it for now . I will load the blueprinting tomorrow
sew keep in stitches and check out Jodi's site Square in a Square and her video blogs

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  1. Lovely quilts... I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the beads.... thanks for the tip regarding Jodi's video's... Ive' had a look at a few...