Friday, June 10, 2011

Blue printing definition

I had a good comment on my blog about looking up blueprinting . Sew I thought I would give a little bit of info on this .
The scientific name for it is Cyanotype
the fabric  or paper  is treated with a mixture of two chemicals which make it light sensitive. After exposure to light , sunlight works the best, it changes color from a light green to a dark muddy blue,s color. You rinse it  in cool water which sets the color and you will see it change to a brighter blue. It is a still sensitive to phosphates ie. soaps so it can only be washed in water.
Star fish Quilt close up
beading in progress

Sew I hope this helps to explain blue printing a little better
there is also a site that you can order the treated fabric from called....
sew until a little later
take care

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