Sunday, June 5, 2011

Home again

Well I made it home all safe and sound and full of ideas.
The classes where all very enjoyable and taught you a few different ways to do piecing and designing. I enjoyed the blue printing class very much and have already used some of the extra fabric to create a few smaller art quilts. I may use at least one  for an auction that we will have here in town to help with the new addition to the hospital. I also want to make a quilt with Virginia Walton's design for and uneven star.
I have used a few ideas from each class already and passed some on to others.  It is nice to share your knowledge and creative energy with those around you. Just in the way one looks at a pattern or technique and then the way some one else might do the some thing just a wee bit different makes you say oh ... why did I not think of that.
I will up load a few more pictures later this week a bit of laundry and cleaning before a friend comes to spend a couple days on her way back to the cottage . Next year we plan on taking a bra class together now that she has the first one under her belt. I think I will take more art quilt classes I seam to have a lot of fun at them.
sew until next time keep  on stitching

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