Friday, June 24, 2011

Morgan's Grad quilt

Morgan's Grad Quilt
Shadow Box

and on the flip side the quilt label
Well I finally have some pictures of Morgan's quilt. It is quilted with feathers in the blocks and meandering in the sashing as well as the border with threads to match. I am happy with how it turned out and hope that Morgan likes her grad quilt. This is the last of the grad quilts as I had started years ago with my oldest niece Tammy and now  this make 11 quilts in all.  I should have taken photos of them all over the years as I know that the style and materials have changed as well as my skills in quilting. I can picture most of them in my mind and know that they are used and loved.
 Hubby's Mom is off to see Morgan this week sew she will deliver the quilt for us. I hope she will get a picture of Morgan with her quilt, if she dose I will share it with you.
Sew stay in stitches.
hugs Annette

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