Friday, June 10, 2011

Blueprinting Quilts

The last class the I took last week was the one where we learned how to do the blueprinting on fabric and paper. One of the things that help the project work best is good old sunshine. And of course it was cloudy this day with only a few breaks of sunshine. Sew when the sun shine it only take about 10 minutes to have the fabric change color and when it is cloudy it can take up to 30 minutes and sometimes a little longer. You do have to be careful that nothing gets in the way of what you have laid out for you print, not even a thread from the fabric you are using as the will all cast a small shadow and block the light leaving a nice white surprise. Jackie Van Fossen was the instructor for this class I have taken her classes before and I have enjoyed learning from her. She gets you to think outside of what you are comfortable doing.
The following pics are from this class, I only have one of my pieces in the pics ( the star fish ). I did get several prints made and will share them as i work on them. I also will share the star fish after I get some more beading done.
sew without further a due here they are......
 auditioning border fabrics

picking out borders above and hard at work following
                                      here are a couple gals that where      working   next to me

Jackie VanFossen

getting closer to done ... borders on and time to show them off a little.   it is amazing what you can do even with weeds

I had a great time learning this technique and sharing ideas with a bunch a great ladies.  You get to know the ladies a little better when you are blueprinting on a cloudy day ...... with that half hour visit while holding your print safe. 
Sew until next time keep in stitches

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  1. this looks fascinating..... I'm off to google blue printing to read what it is ...