Tuesday, June 14, 2011

camp site for the summer

well we will be taking the camper out to the camp site after supper tonight if hubby is not to late getting home. Out campsite is about 1 hr away,sew not to far just to do the set up and then we can get it in order this weekend.
We find it nice to be able to go for the weekend in the summer as we both are working and filling in when holidays are being taken.Last summer I went out on my own when hubby had to work It was a nice break just to relax and enjoy nature.
It sounds like there might be a bit of clean up going on at the park as it was flooded in areas earlier this spring, sew we will all make the best of what we have and what we can do to help.
One of the campsite campers is a gal I went to high school with. And another is a family who have moved here from England. There are also a bunch of other friends from town and some that we only see when we are there . Sew I am looking forward to this time at the park to share with them.
I might even take a small sewing machine with me ..... you just never know when you might need it.; )
our camper ... home away from home

well supper is almost done ...Hamburgers spuds and corn on the cob.I have cooked extra potatoes and eggs to make potato salad tomorrow.
sew i am off for now as I feel I am rambling on .
Take care
In stitches

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