Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tidbit Tuesdays #3

 Tuesdays Tidbit is on Thread guides and holders
Well this little tidbit is one from playing around with different type of thread holders. For those large spools and cones and speical threads.
cone thread holder ... could be mounted on a block of wood
 or attached to your work surface
thread holder guide that
sits on the machines  spool

 What I have found is that sometimes I have to use a   thread  holder to get a better stitch on my machine.
Maybe it has something to do with the tension or it just lets the thread relax a tiny bit before running through the tension discs.( I would have a terible problem with thread shreding and breaking as well as jumping behind the needle screw)
  I have used a free standing holder , one the attaches to the thread pins ( doesn't work with the machine I am using at the moment) as well as using the guide off the surger when in a pinch. and now I have one that fits on the top of my machine sew that the cone is not in the way on the table.

The one made for my machine.
By using it the thread has behaved very well, with no shredding or breaking even using the variegated threads.
I still have to test the tensions and pivot hieghts when free motion quilting.   And I have put it through  a good test working one my daughter's quilt. A good friend has one of the cone flower thread holders and is testing it out at this time ... I do believe that she is happy with it. It has a little more weight than the one I have sew it is not tipping like mine did.

The nice thing about having the  thread behave is that you do not waste sew much thread and time.  I am not using extra items such as sewer's aid to lubricate the thread ( when using this item make sure that you wipe off the needle and bobbin case  you do not want a build up of this product * I also had the okay from the company to use it to fix my problems with the thread and not do any damage to my machine).

Sew now I have finished quilting my daughter's quilt and happy to say that I did not have any of the problems that I have had in the past.
Sew if you need to sew with special threads give a cone/thread holder a try. It just may give you the results you are looking for.

Well now I will be off to hand sewing the binding ( over 400 inches ,1016cm ) sew that will take a day or two.  Pictures to follow, and then a label to make ....must have a label to give a little history... But that's another story

In stitches and hugs


  1. great read annette... I have to say I wondered about the purpose of them...

  2. Excellent post Annette , I have a thread guide here somewhere but never think to use it , however I think the next time I am using decorative threads I will try it out , it just may be what I need to avoid problems . Thanks!