Friday, October 28, 2011

I've got mail

Well I had a nice surprise today,( I should say yesterday now ) the package that Marjorie from   Marjorie's Busy Corner       sent arrived today.She had a give away for her first anniversary she had a give away of a moose head lodge panel, thread and a few other goodies. And I was the lucky winner. This is the first time that I have won a give away , feel just like a kid.
Thank you sew much for the panel It will get worked up into a fall themed quilt one the guys might like.( I hope ) I have already planned a few alternate blocks in my head to go with this panel. And the other goodies I will find ways to use them too.

Halloween socks
I also had a little package show up at work . A little something from my prayer partner from church, to celebrate Halloween.

Last night I went to visit a good friend that is in respite care. We had a nice visit and walked around a couple times. We are trying to help her get a little stronger .  I hope she starts to fell better soon even just a little bit. She has had a few dizzy spells that cause her to faint, and we do not want her to hurt herself in a fall. Sew she has not been able to do the things she loves to do and this is making her feel sew lost and confused right now.  Sew I will be popping by to see her there and give all the support I can.
Sew take care out there
in stitches


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh..glad you liked the mail Annette...

  2. Congratulations on the great win , I know you will make a lovely quilt with the panel and use all those other goodies too.My thoughts are with your friend .
    hugs Sheila