Monday, October 3, 2011

taking a lunch break

just a short note as I am just taken a lunch break,
you see I did not get much quilting done this weekend, I do have clean clothes the laundry is just about complete the widows are clean and the camper is put away for the winter.
But this morning I started back at the quilt and now I only have one and a half borders left to quilt, one step at a time and this king size baby will be done. I will have to do a label later but I can put that on as we travel to our daughters this weekend for Thanksgiving. Sew I feel I will make my goal this time.
Sew I best get back to quilting ......
 maybe a walk in an hour or sew
 Do not want to miss the whole day, as it looks very nice out there

ta ta for now
in stitches and hugs

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  1. Can't wait to see your quilting ,I have been trying to comment for a couple of days without success ,lets hope this works.