Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits #4

Today's little tidbits comes from the food court at the mall.

Chop Sticks
I find them very handy as a turning tool. and the price is great......... free with your meal.
You always get a pair, sew that you can share with a friend or just have a spare.
I have a small collection of them and use them when teaching my candle mat classes (Sorry I did forget them this last time)  I usually give one to each of the students for turning the points before pressing( I am always collecting them).
The blunt points on the chop sticks do not poke through the fabric creating holes. they are nice and smooth sew they do not snag on your fabric or threads.
 They also work well when turning tubes and ties. I was giving this set from a friend, but I have not used it in my sewing just yet.

the red ones are still in their wrapper

Sew you never know where you might find a new tool to make things easier.
Just  keep a look out and keep your mind open to new uses for what is out there.
Sew that's my tidbit for today.
stay in stitches

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  1. Really great tip , must remember to try those out when I make your candle mat :-) Hugs Sheila