Friday, October 21, 2011

Snow in Mondays forcast

Brrrrrrrrrr ......
I think the weather man must be mistaken. And if you do see any strange items in the air or on the ground think of them as figments of your imagination. It is still to early for snow even if it is only snow showers.

I still think it is just fall ... at least for the next month . right Mr. Scarecrow.

I do enjoy all the colors of fall, they are constantly changing.

Last night I did just a little quilting for a friend ..... a smaller baby quilt and then applied the binding by machine. I usually to this by hand but I now have done it three times and think it will work fine for those quilts that get loved a lot, and are in the wash.

I did try out a pattern from a magazine for what they called a product bag. It is meant to replace the plastic bags in the grocery stores and can be made with a fat quarter. I thought I would try one out and then make a few more now as I think I would use them.

Tomorrow I will be heading off to Saskatoon to take in the quilt show. This will be the first one I have taken in, in Saskatoon.
I am really interested in what the other quilters have been up to as well as seeing any new products that are out there. I am hoping to take some photos if it is allowed . Inspiration here we come.
Stay in stitches with Hugs


  1. Love the scarecrow and the baby quilt as well, great idea to sew the binding by machine ,much quicker for sure and your quilting is great .I have got to learn that or get better at it at least.Neat little bag , I use cloth bags all the time and love them , the cashiers complain but too bad ;- ) Enjoy the show , I know you will . hugs Sheila

  2. Hard to believe it is already getting cold there.... I love fabric bags for the groceries... always much more fun doing that boring job with a pretty bag!!

  3. awe too bad I missed you. You were there Saturday? I was not. p.s. you have my permission if you happened to snap a pic!

    : )
    adding you to the bloglist now at the bottom of my page! : )