Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WIP wedensdays

Well lets see what's on the go this week
I know that I have nothing new is finished but a few things are started an hopefully complete by the weeks end.
I had made one of these little produce bags and then thought I would sew up a couple more. They are just the right size for the sewing kits that are part of what our church is collecting to send off to Lutheran world relief. They do not want any plastic bags on any of the kits sew I thought this would be handy where ever they are used.
This is want goes into the kits
3 meters of fabric and a few
 basic supplies
as listed

Three sewing kits ready to go

I chose a fabric that would work well for shirts and added a few extra buttons and thread to match.They tie up into a nice little bundle ( there is 3 meters of fabric in them , I did put a little more in one hope that is okay). I still have one more pair of shears sew I may put another one together and make another bag for it as well.

On the quilting front.
I have to put a few ideas down on paper for what I would like to do for the challenge fabric from the Haus of Stitches. I think once I get them down on paper I will get started .  Maybe I should get my EQ loaded onto my laptop it is EQ5 not sure if I should up date it.
Has any one updated theirs to the EQ7 from this old of a addition??? I think I have updated it once already. I am thinking that just buying the new one would be better and not as costly.
Sew as you see I did get a little done with finishing the sewing kits but that has been all today. I really hope to get to my machine Thursday evening .
Check out the link on the side bar for The needle and thread network.
In stitches


  1. I love the sewing bags! that is so great : )

    I have EQ5. So... not much advice there.

    Can you tell me more about the Haus of Stitches challenge?

    thanks for linking!


  2. Those kits are a great idea!

  3. nice idea Annette...still loving your header.

  4. Wonderful idea Annette I am sure these kits will be very much appreciated .I do not own either of the EQ'S so no help there .

  5. I'm no help about the EQ5 either. I still have that one....and very rarely use it. :(