Wednesday, October 5, 2011

W I P Wednesdays

binding  only 375 inches to go
Well this Wednesday i am still working on the shadow box quilt, just the binding left , over 400 inches. It is put on by machine and will be closed off by hand. Sew with the dead line of this weekend I think I will get it done, Just to get at the label.
fall wall hangings.....
notice the denim pants
recycled jeans

And on the ironing board I have a few (4) little wall hangings. They are all the same but using up different fabrics in my scrap  basket box(es). I seams to make multiples when I find something I like as a small project. As I like to use them fro gifts. My daughter is a kindergarten teacher and I like to send things her way to add to the classroom .

Sew that's it from me today got to get at that binding.
one of the views on my walks about town
I just love the fall colors and the sound crunching
under foot
In stitches and hugs
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  1. Oh that 'diving into leaves' is so darn cute!
    Hey, thanks for linking to
    : )

  2. Looking good Annette, just a few more inches and you will be done , yeah , I am sure that will be a good feeling. Cute wall hangings , they are fun to make aren't they, great idea for school classroom. You have more leaves down than we do , we still have lots of changing to do.

  3. I, too, like to hand sew those bindings. It is looking good!

  4. I think you will finish by your deadline, I hope you will show us the whole quilt when you do, it is looking good.