Friday, October 14, 2011

Candle Mat Class

It was a very rain day and night yesterday. A good day to do some sewing and quilting, or even to teach a class.
 I was off to Humboldt - Haus of Stitches to teach my class.
I had 7 ladies taking the class. For some this was their first quilting project others had some quilting background. They all seamed to enjoy the class and will be able to finish their mats on their own. We had gotten to the point where they could do the embroidery using the decorative stitches on their machines ... a little play time. I find it takes longer to decide which stitch to use than to stitch it, I think the ladies would agree.
You were all a very fun group to teach.
 Thank you for taking my class and letting me teach and share with you.
I tend to teach very informal, once I get the gals started then I pop around from gal to gal to get them on the next step, as we all sew at different paces. To give all the info at once just get one lost. I hope the ladies all were able to get the basics from me last night and enjoy this little project as much as I do. Sew once again
 Ladies "Great job I was very impressed with your work"

What great Candle mats they will be.
Stay in stitches


  1. Oh they are all wonderful , love the Christmas fabrics ,I am sure it was a huge success and they can't wait to start another one. Congratulations on a great class!!!

  2. so many variations... love them.... I made mine too (but it is a swap gift so no shows yet!!)