Monday, October 17, 2011

A little Sewing and cleaning and a road trip

Well I have the e- reader cover made and I think it turned out nicely. I think it is a nice travel case for it. I just have to delivery and try it on for size . I did make a plastic template of the size of the e reader and it fits  fine. One thing I did look into was that they are all different sizes. Sew when I was going to do this I traced the one it was to fit.At one time it was going to be for her birthday but how do you get the measurements and still keep it a surprise.
outside sip pocket for cord storage

I have also done a little cleaning up in my work space. I think I could fill up another dogie bed if I can only throw away more of my scraps...  why is that sew hard at times to do????

Well it's a day later and the e reader cover is made and fits fine. and only a little stitching left to do on the wall hangings.
E reader cover .......perfect fit
Oct 2012

Took a break and went for a drive with a friend and went to the kennels that she will be taking her puppies to, sew I would know the way to go and visit the little ones while they are gone.They had babies out there. She raises Newfoundlanders and had a litter around  the 11. They are sew tiny for what they will grow up to be. They have to watch to make sure that mom dose not sit or lay on them. The breader even sleeps out there with the new family to help keep everyone safe.That's what you call "puppy love"
snack time

just a little handful
 right now
I will take another pic
 when I get out there again

This is where the dog beds go that I make. She said that they wash up great and fit the dryer as well. Sew glad to see that my scraps are of some use to someone.
Hope you all have had a great day .
In stitches and hugs

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  1. Great case for the e reader , would love to own one. What a terrific idea for your scraps I am sure they are much appreciated. I saved a pillowcase full and made Luke a bed a while back and I'm on my second pillowcase now , hate to throw anything away . hugs Sheila