Monday, May 21, 2012

Thread Painting With Monika

Thread Painting @ Watrous
Taught by Monika

Well Monika did a great job with her thread painting class that we had here in Watrous. The ladies all did great jobs with their thread painting and I think they surprised themselves at how well they did.
some of the ladies hard at work, what to stitch next...
Betty's Apple

I have worked a little more on my Chickadee and I am  very happy with it as well.

the start of my thread painting......
where I'm at sunday evening.....
more stitching to do after I get a few things planted
(pictures went sideways not sure how to get them turned)
It was great to meet Monika , we had a great afternoon together. Such a talented lady, sew glad that she shares that a little with us.
Monika and I
after the class
Thanks again Monika for coming out for the class I hope we can do it again.
Today was a different note we said good bye to a dear "uncle" a cousin to my hubby that we always called Uncle Jake. It was a celebration of his life .... 90 is a good age to get to. I was nice to see a lot of family and friends there for his family. We remember him as the voice of the Duval Expos, as well as many other stories. He would be there at every game to do all the announcing, play by plays and always a good joke.

Tonight I tried making spring rolls......

and the turned out just fine, I'll be making them again. They will make an easy lunch in the summer I think.
Well I best get a few things palnted and see if there is anything else that I can do with the camper and oh and of course get some of the class supplies in the camper too for the stitches conference is only 6 sleeps away for me.
 I will post my completed Chickadee as soon as I get her done.
In stitches


  1. Oh your chickadee looks SO great! I'm still waiting to hear back from the original photographer (Edith Maracle) to show off what you all did! ; )

    SPRING ROLLS - Annette, I want to come back and visit some time. I had a blast and you seem to cook my favorites! ; )

    with an authentic sauce for those rolls given to me by our Vietnamese friends!! : )

  2. Great work from the apple and the lucky to have a class with must have been great fun!!

  3. Lucky you to have a class with Monika and it sure looks like you all did well , I love your chickadee , wonderful job!! Those spring rolls look yummy . Sorry about your uncle , my sympathy , he sounded like a wonderful fun person. hugs Sheila