Saturday, May 12, 2012

finishes of the week

A few little finishes
I did get a couple post cards made with the theme ... Tag you're it!
big brown tag and a tag on a mug mat
(or flying carpet)
and I have one in the mail already.
Sorry Franklin is a little fuzzy here
I used a little extra postage as I wanted the recipient to get a few of these new stamps that were just released. 

Franklin is 20 ...... there will be post cards and invitations also available. We all thought this was a cute stamp and the kids will love it and make the older kids remember when they to love Franklin.

I made a giant Strawberry Pin cushion, I plan on using it as a gift.
lots of french knots on this one

another block done for my Square in a Square quilt.
block #3

Today I have tried something new in the kitchen ... a gluten free pie ....
smells good got a little dark around the edges
I should have covered them sooner

sew far it looks okay and after it cools we'll see how it tastes.

I did get a few Morning glory seeds in the ground, I still have to get my starter pack.
I have had folks asking about them already, I guess they all enjoyed their beauty last year, and are looking forward to them again this year.

It was a great day to hang out some laundry, I just love the freshness that the cloths hold on to when you bring them in.
And when I have a little down time I am reading Sonoma Rose
Sew that's been that last couple of days here in the prairies
Hope you all are having a great weekend
And Happy Mother's Day
to all the Mom's out there

in stitches

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