Tuesday, May 29, 2012

SSC Day 3 and a little show and tell

Today I had the day off sew what did I do.
I went to the fabric shop and bought the fabrics that I will make my McCall's Quilting Quilt challenge piece with. I also have stitched up a sample of the block to be used as I have never done a storm at sea  block . It will be an interesting challenge.
I did also pop into a couple classes to see what the ladies where making,

my camping sewing space

class almost finished for the day  they will be back in the morning to finish working on their blocks

the above are some of Jodi's work below
are some show and tell items

and tonight Jodi Barrows was having a bit of a trunk show and tell.and there where a couple others that shared as well.

Well that all for now it's getting chilly out here at the picnic table and soon it will be dark.
have a great day
in stitches

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  1. Your storm at sea block is great ,I have never made that block either . Lots of lovely work to see , and you have a pretty good set up in the camper .