Monday, May 7, 2012

Grad Cookies

I have had a few requests about the Grad cookies that I made last week

I have used a couple different recipes from the Company Coming cook books.

But the basic recipe behind them is the amount of cookie dough that you use I use  about 3 cups per pizza pan. You have to know how much the dough spreads out sew that you do not have a big mess in your oven I add extra chocolate chips, smarties,and  coconut to dress them up a bit. I try to stay away from nuts if I do not know about allergies.
 I have found from the past that buying some pizza pans to give with the cookie is easier that making a support of some type to delivery the cookie with. And we  all know that kids love pizza and will use the pan again. They could also buy the cookie dough from the store to make another(or two) for themselves.
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