Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 1 at conference

My First Day @ Saskatchewan Stitches Conference
arci show us the how to's

Honey comb waffle
My class was with Marci Baker,  - ABC- 3D . In the you could do either the Hollow Cube or Honeycomb Waffle.  Both quilts use similar techniques with very different results.
hollow cubes  class samples

 We had a full class with ladies form all over I think the furthest was from Ontario, she drove 12 hours to get here.  What we will not do to have a little fun. Sew glad that everyone made the effort to be in the class I know I enjoyed the class and meeting a few new gals. I even met Charlene who follows my blog from time to time, it was nice to meet you, I do hope we run into each other again.
here are a few pics from the class

a new friend and a visitor to my blog

I have a few pictures form the class to share.

 I did get 8 blocks put together and have 2 more in ready to sew.
half of what i did get done ... a good start with many more to follow
Marci and I
boy it was warm in the class room

Tonight I will go back to do the drafting of the shelly bra, which we will be sewing tomorrow. I’ll be taking it with a few of my friends.

Yesterday was a nicer day than today I have been running out there in the rain. I’ll be trying not to get everything soaked. As I take it from the camper to the car to class, it gets a little tricky. But sew far everything is dry.

The display of Challenge pieces is just breathtaking. Sew many different ideas …. Such talent I will see if it is allowed to that pictures I am sure you all you love to see them.

Well I’m back now pattern all drafted and ready to cut out in the morning.

I’ll try to send this tonight if I can find the connection at the campground.

In stitches



  1. Oh wow - most of my guild is there! Hi Georgette and Judith and 'the lady who plays piano and sings but I forget her name' and about five more familiar faces! : )))
    Looks like fun! I'll have to go next year. I wonder if the timing would work...


  2. What beautiful blocks you made so far...I really like the 3D. Would be great to see more pics too.

  3. Oh my such interesting blocks, love your color combination .Looks like a lovely facility to have the classes too!