Friday, May 25, 2012

one more sleep

almost all packed except for the groceries. On my way to the Saskatchewan Stitches Conference .( SSC )

 I keep thinking I am going to forget something...... but there are stores in Humboldt sew not to worry I can always go shopping.

I use the lable tags to mark the class
and day of the week to
keep the bags striaght

Trying to keep all the classes sorted out, I have them bagged in very special bags from one of my favorite shops... Haus of Stitches in Humboldt.

I will also be taking my lap top with EQ7 loaded and paper and colored pencils to play with some ideas I have for the Challenge 1 part from McCall's Quilt Design Star competition. I have to have my quilt top made by the 17th of June and voting starts on the 19th.I have a few ideas fooling around in my head I just have to fine tune them and then decide on one.
While I am gone my youngest will turn 30 I find it hard to believe that, that many years have gone by. They will always be my kids even though they are all grown up and doing well for themselves. We are very proud of what they both have accomplished in their careers.
One of the classe sthat I will be taking will be the start of the quilt for my son's birthday quilt.
Well it's getting late I best get a couple more things done,
in stitches

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  1. Have a super week ,learn lots and just enjoy! Happy Birthday to your daughter too :-)hugs Sheila