Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 2 at SSC.... Bra Making

Day 2 at Saskatchewan Stitches Conference.
busy bra makers about 20 of us in this class

Brenda's bra underconstruction

Opps I forgot to take a picture of mine .... later I'm in wearing it. ;)

A busy Bra making day. Last night we drafted the pattern for our Shelly Bras form our base pattern. After creating a new pattern we all called it a night. Today we started to cut, sew a little unsewing was done as well. And by the end of the day I had my bra done as well as a few others. One gal even had a second one done. This time I made a partial band bra, it’s more like the ones I buy. And has a very comfy fit. There were a variety of color combinations, which was made much easier by having kits made up. I picked up a few kits to work on later this summer/fall.

I have gone to view the quilt show about 4 times sew far ….. I still do not think I have seen it all yet. I have a few shots of groups and a few single quilted items. Boy oh boy there’s a lot of talent out there. And such imaginations to create sew many things from the same fabric. I will have some photos at the end of the post.
I have been trying out one of the blocks for my challenge quilt. I ‘ll play with it in the morning as it is getting dark  in the camper and I am a bit tired and I do not want to make any mistakes.

My bosom buddy( a bra making buddy from a few years back ) stopped by the camper tonight and dropped this off for me.

Now to find a cork screw as I am

I’ll post this in the morning, off to bed now…

In stitches

 Sew here are a few of the quilted items for the 10 Anniversary Fabric Challenge at the Saskatchewan Stitches Conference 2012

I got to visit my quilt

what do you see here??

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  1. I know this would be an interesting class to take ,can never get a comfortable fit. Wow on the challenge pieces , amazing the variety of talent ,your quilt looks wonderful on display ,a definite winner and I love that jacket in the second last picture , that is beautiful . hugs Sheila